Falkirk to consider director of football role

Falkirk FC directors at Ayr. Picture Michael Gillen
Falkirk FC directors at Ayr. Picture Michael Gillen

Margaret Lang has admitted the Bairns would benefit from adding someone with extensive football knowledge to the boardroom.

The club has undergone significant structural change in the past 15 months, appointing its’ first cheif executive in Craig Campbell last June and then ditching the club’s long-standing Academy programme in December to favour a recruitment-based football model.

Now another yet change has not been ruled out.

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In an extensive question and answer statement posted by the club last night, Mrs Lang said she agreed the club had to “examine ways to add expertise to the Board. Someone with good football experience, knowledge and understanding would be a valuable addition,” when writing in response to a query said to have been received by the club over the potential to name a director of football.

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She added: “Some members of the Board have been in Scottish football a long time and have good knowledge and contacts.

“However, there’s no doubt the Club would benefit from fresh ideas and strong football expertise. We are exploring options in this area.”

Alex Smith previously fulfilled the technical director role – the closest the Bairns had to a director of football, while in the past Creag Robertson and Ross Wilson have also worked closely between the board and football department.

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She also defended the board of directors and added: “I understand the frustration of fans of our Club. All members of the Board share it. We have been in the Championship too long. Play offs and finishing second are not good enough.

“Board members are Falkirk fans too and, when making decisions, always endeavour to do so with the best interests of the Club and its future in mind. We want the Club to achieve the success that is long overdue, as much as anyone else.”