Dumbarton 1 Falkirk 1: Fans views

News of Ray McKinnon's subsequent sacking dominated social media on Saturday night, but here's what you had to say after the 1-1 draw.

Angry scenes at half-time when Falkirk trailed 1-0. Picture: Michael Gillen.
Angry scenes at half-time when Falkirk trailed 1-0. Picture: Michael Gillen.

XAllie XOliver: "I think any comments made about the game will be overshadowed by the sacking. McKinnon and Taylor were good at building relations with the fans, but their job was to get results and that wasn't happening. Today was a perfect example. A team we beat 6-0 a few months ago, and now scraping a draw. Other teams have the measure of Falkirk. Whoever is going out and doing a recky of them is failing us, too. Sad to see someone lose their job, but the lack of results speak for themselves."

Dave Kirk: "Some players look disinterested, if they were trying to get Ray sacked. It worked. Onwards and upwards hopefully."

:@jamesro37501902: "Good result today really think we can stay in this league,oh dear,oh dear."

Falkirk fans at Dumbarton. Picture: Michael Gillen.

Chris Hynd: "Terrible, terrible, terrible. We are an embarrassment on and off the field."

David Henderson: "It was as if Dumbarton were the full time team and our guys were the part timers.Seems as if there is no harmony between Ray and the players."

Stuart Adam: "We’re quickly becoming soft touches in a league of bruisers."

Elaine Montgomery: "Before the last two games - we were at the top of the league and not playing that great. Felt up our game by 10% and we have it in the bag. Question is can we? Maybe not after last two results. Who knows? It’s a funny old game right enough.

Ray Williamson: "Good result in the end.. McKinnon and the numpties gone, just need to focus on getting rid of Alexander next."

Arthur Thom: "Today he completely lost the loyal fans. No way back after that. First decision the board have got right. Cost us a lot of cash to get him and I am sure it will cost us more to sack him. Cash badly needed. This next appointment needs to be right. Let's hope the players dig deep and get us out of this rut."

Marshall Fleming: "Sacking McKinnon solves part of the problem in poor leadership and a manager who is not capable of tactically change the game when required. The real problem lies with this current crop of players, for a team that is supposed to be of a higher quality than the rest of the league, they have failed to meet this mark and may end up costing us another season in this."

Ian Macnab: "Don't trust this BOD one bit the whole lot of them should go to good luck to the next manager."

Andy Carruthers: "There’s no guarantee of success with any appointed manager you take a chance and hope it goes right sadly it hasn’t happened under Ray and his team hopefully the board will get their man whoever that may be and push on to better things. I’m not going to jump on the band wagon with the rest of the lynch mob. I will wish Ray and Darren every success for the future both really decent guys it’s sadly not worked out. It’s been a hard few seasons at this club with one thing and another and at the end it’s all about results on the pitch let’s hope this great club can once again with it’s fantastic support together with everyone connected with the club get to where we should rightly be. The manager as payed the price for the team's inability to perform let’s move on the future is what’s important. Let’s all hope it’s a great one for all concerned love this club proud to be a bairn always have been always will be COYB."

Christopher Nelson: "Utter shambles off a club from top to bottom McKinnon needs emptied soon as we need leadership on the park and off it."

Colin Sligo: "Miller and Thomson out."

William Paterson: "Week in week out McKinnon has an excuse when is the so called board going to stand up and get someone to steady the sinking ship then stand down in favour of a fans buy out.As the majority of the fans know the league starts after Christmas at the present postion it could be saved a few good names going about who could do this miracle."

Stenhousemuir fan @Neilly1986 said: "We just aren't getting the results our performances merit."