Naughty dogs are wanted for the new series of Dogs Behaving Badly - how to apply

If your dog likes getting up to mischief and you’re finding it hard to keep control, you could get a helping hand as part of a new TV show.

Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly is set to return for season three on Channel 5 and producers are on the lookout for desperate dog owners in need of a helping hand.

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What is the show about?

Programme makers, Avalon Factual, are looking for a naughty dogs across Britain to star on the show to receive the guidance of expert handler Graeme Hall.

The master dog trainer will travel around the country helping struggling dog owners solve their pet’s behavioural problems.

Described as ‘The Dogfather’, he has been praised by The Telegraph as “Britain’s best dog trainer”, having helped dog and puppy owners everywhere from the Channel Islands to the Scottish Highlands.

He has worked with thousands of dogs and their owners, with a career spanning over a decade.

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Whether it’s a howling hound, a possessive pooch or a dog so strong the walk is a tug of war - Hall tackles it all in the series.

He said: “No dog is naughty, some just need a bit of guidance to learn right from wrong – and that’s where I come in”.

How to apply?

If you feel you and your dog could benefit from The Dogfather and want to receive his expert advice, you can contact the production team on [email protected].

The programme is currently operating a Covid-19 safe production, and have adapted their filming protocols in line with government guidance.