Roadworks which may cause disruption for motorists across Falkirk district

Here’s details of planned roadworks for the Falkirk Council area which are either already in place or due to begin in coming days.

Thursday, 28th April 2022, 5:00 pm

Airth: Graham Terrace, Don Lees, Sewer Connection, 28/04/2022-06/05/2022 Temp Traffic Lights 09:30-15:30

Avonbridge: A801/090 Northburn, Falkirk Council, Repair of Damaged VRS Barrier, 02/05/2022-13/05/2022 Temp Traffic Lights

Avonbridge: A801/110 Southburn, Falkirk Council, Repair of Damaged VRS Barrier 21/04/2022-04/05/2022 Temp Traffic Lights

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A number of roadworks are starting across Falkirk district from Monday.

Blackness: A905 o/s Paddockhall Cottages, Openreach Works, 26/04/2022 27/04/2022 Temp Traffic Lights 09:30-15:30

Bo'ness: C27 Borrowstoun Road, Coneworx Ltd, Network Upgrade 02/05/2022-17/06/2022 Temp Traffic Lights

Bo'ness: Waggon Road, Nationwide Platforms, Building Works 27/04/2022 Road Closure

Bonnybridge: Broomhill Road, Clancy Water, 21/04/2022-29/04/2022 Temp Traffic Lights

Bonnybridge: B816 @ Allandale Cottages, SGN Gas Works, 02/05/2022-20/05/2022 Temp Traffic Lights 08:00-17:00

Bonnybridge: C16 Greenhill Road, Clancy Water, Water Works 21/04/2022-28/04/2022 Temp Traffic Lights

Brightons: B805 Maddiston Road, Coneworx Ltd, Network Upgrade 27/04/2022-28/04/2022 Temp Traffic Lights

Falkirk: B8080 St. Crispins Place, SGN New Gas Connection, 25/04/2022-08/05/2022 Temp Traffic Lights

Falkirk: C2 Darnrigg Road, WGM Urgent Scottish Water, 25/02/2022-03/06/2022 Temp Traffic Lights 09:30-15:30

Grangemouth: A904 Bo'ness Road @ the Refinery, Balfour Beatty Ltd, Surfacing Works 03/05/22-05/05/22 Temp Traffic Lights 08:00-18:00

Grangemouth: A905 Glensburgh Road (rolling lights), East Coast Drainage, CCTV Survey 26/04/2022-06/05/2022 Temp Traffic Lights 09:30-16:00

Larbert: A883, Falkirk Council, Masonry Repairs 19/04/2022-06/05/2022 Temp Traffic Lights

Larbert: A9 Stirling Road, Allma Construction, Sewer Connection 24/04/2022-08/05/2022 Temp Traffic Lights

Larbert: B905 Denny Road, Advance Construction, Safe Egress 22/04/2022-12/08/2022 Temp Traffic Lights 08:00-17:00