The stories that made the news in 2016

Andy Murray. Picture: John DevlinAndy Murray. Picture: John Devlin
Andy Murray. Picture: John Devlin
Trump, Murray and Brexit all triumph in 2016, but there were a lot of people we loved and lost in the year that was.

Headline of the year has to go to the Ellon Times who proclaimed ‘Aberdeenshire business owner wins presidential election’.

Despite more Americans actually voting for Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton, the US Electoral College system of voting means that Donald Trump will be president on January 20.

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The larger than life politician managed to offend just about everyone possible on his way to the White House and protests against the tycoon included flying Mexican flags around his golf course in Menie.


So far, however, no one has beaten the Scottish genius who attended a demonstration and rubbed a balloon against Trump’s hair to see if it was real. Apparently, it is.

UK votes to leave EU but Scots want in

You couldn’t attempt a review of the 2016 – or the decade for that matter – without mentioning Brexit.

The referendum result to quit the European Union was described as “historic” and “a vote of seismic importance” by British newspapers.

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Donald Trump. Picture: John DevlinDonald Trump. Picture: John Devlin
Donald Trump. Picture: John Devlin

American journalists reported it as “a shocking decision” and one Yank took to Twitter to say, “Britain, you’re terrible at voting.”

Scotland, however, voted to stay in, by 62 per cent to 38. North of the border, the result also brought about the strong possibility of Indy Ref 2.

Brexit also gave us, arguably, the most famous fusion of two words ever – after SuBo and the late, but once great, Brangelina obviously.

By George, it’s Leo’s turn to drop in


Hollywood A-listers don’t get much bigger than Oscar-winning Leonardo DiCaprio, who delighted fans with his first visit to Scotland.

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He followed in the footsteps of another Tinseltown heart-throb, George Clooney.

Leo visited social enterprise Home, created to provide meals and jobs for homeless people – much like Social Bite, visited by George last year.

An island welcome for refugees

Donald Trump. Picture: John DevlinDonald Trump. Picture: John Devlin
Donald Trump. Picture: John Devlin

The world’s news headlines have been dominated by the war in Syria which has claimed thousands of lives and thousands more have fled.

More than 1200 of those who left Syria found new homes in Scotland.

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The destination that attracted most headlines, however, was the island of Bute. Reports refugees were unhappy were countered and the Scots’ reputation for hospitality shone through.

Murray saves 2016 (with help from Jamie)

Andy Murray has been praised for ‘single-handedly saving 2016’.

Amid the uncertainty of Brexit, the shock of Donald Trump’s election win and the loss of much-loved personalities including David Bowie and Terry Wogan, it was up to Andy Murray to cheer everyone up.

Ever the good sport, Murray obliged by winning Wimbledon (again), an Olympic Gold and finally beating Novak Djokovic to be crowned the World No. 1, so becoming the only person ever to win the BBC Sports Personality of the Year for the third time was merely a bonus.

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When you chuck in the fact that his tennis-playing big brother Jamie is also World No.1 in the doubles game, as proud mum Judy put it: “Mission accomplished.”

Outlander fever sweeps Scotland

Scotland’s spent a lot of time trying to shed it’s twee tartan and shortbread image.

But then came Outlander – and suddenly, tartan and shortbread were, well, sexy, thanks to leading man Sam Heughan.

The time-travelling tales have been a boon to the Scottish tourism industry as people across the world fell in love, first with the books, and then with the TV series.

Scotland produces Olympic heroes

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An amazing 12 Scottish athletes medalled at the Rio Olympics – the best result at any overseas Games.

Cyclists Callum Skinner and Katie Archibald picked up gold, alongside Andy Murray and rower Heather Stanning.

Medals also to Stephen Milne, Duncan Scott, Mark Bennett, Mark Robertson, Polly Swann, Karen Bennett, Katherine Grainger and Robbie Renwick.

The ones we loved and lost in 2016

The past year was notable for the number of stars we lost. Here we remember them fondly.

Actor Alan Rickman (69)

“Give me my detonators!” (As Hans Gruber in Die Hard.)

Author Harper Lee (89)

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Comedian Ronnie Corbett (85) “After a series of crimes in the Glasgow area, Chief Inspector McTavish has announced that he is looking for a man with one eye. If he doesn’t find him, he’s going to use both eyes.”

TV host Terry Wogan (77)

Singer Natalie Cole (65)

Magician Paul Daniels (77)

“You’ll like it, not a lot, but you’ll like it.”

Singer Prince (57) “Life is just a party and parties weren’t meant to last.”

Singer David Bowie (69)

“I don’t know where I’m going but, I promise, it won’t be boring.”

Actor Peter Vaughan (93)

Comedienne Victoria Wood (62)

Actor Gene Wilder (83) “Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.” (In the title role in Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory)

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan (97)

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Cuban leader Fidel Castro (90) “Revolution is a struggle to the death between the future and the past.”

Boxer Muhammad Ali (74) “The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.”

Actor Andrew Sachs (86) “I know nothing.” (As Fawlty Towers Manuel)

Food critic AA Gill (62) “Facts are what pedantic, dull people have instead of opinions.”

Weatherman Ian McCaskill (78)

Actress Caroline Aherne (52)

Actress Jean Alexander (90)

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“Woman, Stanley, Woman.” (As Hilda Ogden when asked what her lipstick tasted of).

Socialite Zsa Zsa Gabor (99) “I’m an excellent house keeper. Every time I get divorced, I keep the house.”

Rick Parfitt (68), Status Quo singer, songwriter and guitarist

Liz Smith (95), character actress,

George Michael (53), singer, songwriter and philanthropist

Actress Carrie Fisher (60)