Police issue advice on how Falkirk's post lockdown revellers can 'get home safe' from pubs

Restrictions may have relaxed in the Falkirk area but the law must still be obeyed and police cannot always be there to ensure everyone’s safety during a night out.

By James Trimble
Tuesday, 1st June 2021, 9:37 am

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “With pubs opening again and a re-introduction to a night time economy, we understand some might want to make up for lost time, cramming lost weekends into a few big blow-outs.

“While we understand this, we still want everyone to have a good time and to be safe. Since it's been a while, we'd like to give you some advice this week on staying safe whilst out socialising.”

Here is some of Police Scotland’s advice on getting home safely:

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Police Scotland has issued advice on how people can get home safely after a night out

Leave the keys – If you are drinking alcohol, leave the car keys behind, it's not worth the risk.

Have a plan – have a plan for getting home, either arrange for a friend or family member to collect you or book a taxi.

Don't walk alone – If you're walking home, don't walk alone and stick to well lit main routes.

Stay with friends and don't leave with strangers.

Be sensible about how much alcohol you drink because a drunk person is much more vulnerable and criminals may target you.

Watch your drinks, don’t give anyone the opportunity to add anything to it.

If you leave a drink unattended don’t go back to it.

If you feel very drunk or unwell after a small amount of alcohol then ask a trusted friend or a member of the club/pub management for help.

Don’t take drugs or new psychoactive substances.

Click the link for more advice on Getting Home Safely.