Falkirk Provost demands apology from Gordon Ramsay over 'foul-mouthed' insult to town

The Provost of Falkirk has written to celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay to demand an apology for his "disgraceful, foul-mouthed statement" about the town.

Gordon Ramsay (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Ramsay infamously referred to the town as a sh**hole on his new television quiz, Bank Balance, leading to a backlash from residents.

Now Provost Billy Buchanan has written a strongly worded protest to the chef, and has also formally complained to the BBC.

The Provost wrote: "The people of this district, including myself as their Provost, are extremely angry and upset at your disgraceful, foul-mouthed statement on national television on the BBC One quiz show, Bank Balance,

where you slated our wonderful, historic town and called it a s...hole.

"How dare you castigate Falkirk in front of millions of people on television?”

https://www.falkirkherald.co.uk/news/people/first-time-mums-across-falkirk-district-prepare-for-their-first-mothers-day-3161919And he demanded: "I would ask you to give an apology for this statement which has offended so many people, not just those from the Falkirk area.

"I have also contacted the BBC to find out if they are going to be taking any action against you and whether there will be an opportunity for you in a future programme to apologise unreservedly."

The Provost concluded by reminding the celebrity chef of the town's motto -

"Better meddle wi’ the de’il than the Bairns o’ Falkirk."

Mr Ramsay called the town a “s***hole” when a contestant suggested Falkirk might be of the “five cities in Scotland”.

Mr Ramsay responded saying: “I was born in Scotland. Falkirk is not a city. It’s a s***hole, I swear to God.”