First time mums across Falkirk district prepare for their first Mother's Day

The last 12 months may have been unusual for us all in so many ways due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but one thing which has continued despite it all is parents across the district have been welcoming new members into their families.

Friday, 12th March 2021, 12:30 pm
Ashley Roper and son Max (left) and Stephanie Ramsay and daughter Summer.

Tiny tots have brought happiness to their mums, dads, siblings and wider families throughout the last year.

The arrival of a new baby is a huge life event for all involved, and can be hard at the best of times, without them having been born during a global pandemic.

This Sunday is a special day for mums across the district – whether they have a newborn or their offspring have grown up and left the nest – with children of all ages preparing to celebrate and say a big thank you to their mums.

Sinead Hannah with son Ellis Perrow

Mother’s Day 2021 is going to be very different – as it was last year – and again we may not all be together as we normally would, but it’s still possible to show our appreciation and mark the occasion in some way.

And many are planning to do just that.

For those who will be experiencing their first Mother’s Day as a mum with their little ones by their side, it’s an extra special day.

Ahead of Sunday, we spoke to some of the new first time mums locally to hear their thoughts on the day and what they have planned.

Mums across Fife will be marking their first Mother's Day in lockdown this Sunday.

Little Max Roper was born to parents Ashley and Craig Roper, from Grangemouth, on April 29 last year.

For them, Sunday is all about spending quality time together.

Ashley said: “To me Mother’s Day is a day to spend with family and the ones that really love you, so I’m looking forward to spending it with Max and my husband.

"Our plan is to go for a nice family walk and then have a nice dinner in the evening, that of course, my husband will cook.”

Bainsford mum Sinead Hannah said she’s looking forward to being able to celebrate the day with her son, Ellis Perrow, this year.

Last year she was just over halfway in her pregnancy on Mother’s Day.

Ellis was born on July 6.

She said: “I have no

‘special’ plans made for the day.

"Maybe if things were open we could have gone out for the day somewhere.

"It was my birthday last week and we managed to

get out, enjoy a long walk in the sun and we hit the park for a shot on the swings, which was just nice and relaxed.

“It was also just as fun as maybe going out somewhere for the day.

"My first Mother’s Day will be special either way.

"Life is what you make it and I’m sure whatever we get up to will be fun and enjoyable.

"Mother’s Day is unique and special for everyone.

“For me I will just use it to enjoy another day with my baby, look back at the months we have already had together and remind myself how lucky we are.

"I just feel so blessed and I am super proud to be his mummy.”

Ongoing lockdown restrictions mean that it may not be the day some would have expected to be having this year.

Stephanie Ramsay, from Maddiston, said: “Mother’s Day has always been an important day to me as I am very close to my mum.

"We always made a point of doing something fun

involving cake and prosecco.

"This Sunday will be extra special since I am now a mum myself to eight month old Summer.

"We plan to have a relaxing morning with brunch in bed followed by a walk with my mum – Summer’s nanny – and a visit to the swings for Summer to enjoy, weather permitting.”

Kerri Graham, whose son Roarie was born on April 9, 2020, said she would be “spending it quiet – much like everyone else!”

Although, the run up to the day for her definitely isn’t going to be quiet, having started her own business while on maternity leave during lockdown.

The Forth Valley Royal Hospital staff nurse, who lives in High Bonnybridge with partner Robbie Graham and eight month old Max, launched Cakesicles by Kerri, offering customers boxes of homemade tasty chocolate treats.

She explained: “It was a way for me to keep a bit of working me – and not just be a mum.

"This has taken off really well and I now make lots of chocolate treats.

"I am fully booked for Mother’s Day.

“It’s amazing to me to be able to make these boxes and brighten up another mother’s big day, and to see people take joy in my


"Without Roarie and my maternity leave this idea wouldn’t have crossed my mind, so I owe it all to him.

"I’m excited to see what the future holds and make him proud of me.

"Mother’s Day might be a quiet one on the couch after a busy week prepping for everyone else’s – but it’ll be special spending it with Roarie.”