Cala Homes: Play park at Kinnaird Lee now has accessible equipment all children can use

A housebuilder and their partners pulled out all the stops to allow one young resident to enjoy a play park.

Friday, 8th April 2022, 12:05 pm
Updated Friday, 8th April 2022, 12:21 pm

The Martin family, who live in Cala Homes’ Kinnaird Lee, are delighted with a newly-installed accessible roundabout within the development’s playpark.

Originally built as part of the wider development from Cala Homes (West), the playpark has been made more inclusive thanks to Cala and contractors Kopman Scotland Ltd and Allma, coupled with the support of neighbours on the development.

Four-year-old Cameron Martin has complex needs has given the new piece of play equipment his seal of approval.

The new play equipment at Kinnaird Lee play park. Left to right: Diarmuid McNamara of Kompan Scotland, David McKie of Cala Homes (West), Billy Campbell of Cala Homes (West) and Gerry Rea of Allma with Cameron, his mum Susan and friend Jake

The roundabout was supplied free of charge by Kompan Scotland who also installed it, with Cala covering the cost of the installation. Groundworks preparation were carried out by Allma, which means now Cameron can enjoy playing with his friend Jake who also lives on the development.

Mum Susan and dad David are also thrilled that Cameron can enjoy the playground.

Susan said: “We cannot thank Cala and their contractors enough. The team has been wonderful throughout our buying journey and beyond. They have been especially brilliant with Cameron, when we first moved into our home, they brought him his very own hard hat and hi-vis vest, he was over the moon.

“The installation of the roundabout may seem like a small gesture but to us, and specifically Cameron, this makes a world of a difference. It will be lovely see both Cameron and his sister enjoying the park together. They haven’t just built houses here; they have created homes and a community for everyone who lives here.”

Enjoying the new play equipment: Jake with Cameron and mum, Susan playing on the roundabout

David McKie, site manager at Kinnaird Lee, said: “We are pleased to have been able to create a more inclusive playpark for families within the development with the installation of the accessible roundabout, and we couldn’t have done it without the help of Kompan and Allma.

“Both companies did the work for free and in next to no time. It’s great to know that Cameron can enjoy playing with his friends and won’t feel left out.

“By making sure we have play areas and equipment that are accessible for all children, it means that everyone can be included and helps children understand that just because we’re not all the same, it doesn’t mean anyone should feel excluded.”