Scots stayed positive in wake of Trump’s visit

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace

Despite over one million people signing a petition to keep him out, our country had the pleasure of welcoming the most powerful man in the world.

On Thursday, US president Donald Trump’s plane touched down at Stanstead for his chat with Theresa May and tea with the queen before jetting off to Prestwick for what was supposed to be a quiet weekend.

I was fortunate enough to be reporting on his visit even though Mr Trump was no where near our area and, looking back, I can’t help but feel proud of the way we Scots handled ourselves throughout his visit.

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It would be naïve to say that I thought Mr Trump wouldn’t run into trouble up here but, despite one man being arrested at Turnberry, those who protested seemed to do so in a relatively peaceful way.

The Meadows area of Edinburgh was awash with banners, signs, balloons and flags. From what I could see, the people taking part in that protest, and protests elsewhere, seemed to be conducting themselves in quite a decent manner.

I was incredibly surprised at Nicola Sturgeon’s response. Instead of meeting him, she led a march of thousands of people through the centre of Glasgow in celebration of LGBTI pride.

The march had no trouble and there was no abundance of negativity. Instead of masses of people gathering to protest something they didn’t like, they were celebrating who they were as human beings.

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Mr Trump’s visit may have angered people there but instead of choosing to dwell on that, a large number of Scots chose to focus on something positive.

Mr Trump’s visit was controversial and I don’t think we’ll be seeing him again soon but I think we Scots were not too bad at welcoming him and we should be very proud.