GSS Tutoring helping students tackle knowledge gap

A new tutoring service is helping students catch up with their learning to tackle the growing ‘knowledge gap’.
Make sure your child is ready for the new termMake sure your child is ready for the new term
Make sure your child is ready for the new term

School is Easy has been established to help students catch up on the work they have missed out on over the last year of pandemic disruption.

And now they are preparing to help students tackle the traditional knowledge gap with summer lessons that can help ensure they are up to speed when the new term starts.

Teachers know that in any normal year students need extra work catching up on learning they may have forgotten over the long summer holidays, and traditionally have been able to tackle that at the start of a new term.

Mind the knowledge gapMind the knowledge gap
Mind the knowledge gap

The continual disruption to education over the last year however has led to fears that this gap will be compounded, with students missing a lot of vital work and already behind in term time which could leave them struggling to catch up.

To help teachers, parents and pupils tackle this, School is Easy are offering tuition services throughout the summer months.

“We don’t want a lost generation of children who struggle because they missed so much learning time over the last year,” explains director Neil Gough. “Politicians have been very quick to say they are doing work to tackle this, but the details are slim on the ground, and often it is left to the teachers to deal with.

“If you think that there is normally a gap in knowledge at the start of a term, and then put all the COVID problems on top of that, it is a concern.

“The service we provide is perfect over the summer months to play catch-up before the new season starts.”

Of course no one wants to have their summer holiday disrupted, especially after such a turbulent year, and the School is Easy tutoring service is very flexible to help parents and pupils ensure they can enjoy their break, and be ready to excel when term starts again.

The service covers a huge range of diverse topics, meaning whatever extra help your child might need can be provided. They are anticipating that subjects such as maths, language and music - which all require regular study and practice to avoid losing knowledge - will be the most in demand subjects for tuition.

Lessons can be held once a week, twice a week or once every two weeks, and parents can group together and have three children in one session - whatever works best.

The service can also be tailored to suit different budgets.

While in person tutoring can be organised, with the current uncertainty around rising cases and restrictions online lessons are preferred by most parents and teachers, and the details can be discussed on a case to case basis.

The company was originally established in Canada and has since become a globally recognised franchise, helping children in countries around the world with their studies.

This is the first School is Easy established in Scotland, and the team - based in the Falkirk area - covers Stirlingshire and the surrounding areas, as well as Glasgow, while online tuition can be provided to anyone in Scotland.

The company is registered with Disclosure Scotland meaning they get up-to-date checks, so parents can be assured appropriate safety measures are there. And to help parents keep track of their child’s progress, the company has a dedicated system providing an online report after every session.

There is also an app which can put them in touch with tutors around the world to help with any difficult questions they come across.

To find out more about the services on offer, visit their website.