Warm welcome at the Earl

The Earl of Zetland in Grangemouth.
The Earl of Zetland in Grangemouth.
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Few people turn their nose up at a lunch or dinner at Wetherspoons.

The chain’s large buildings, spacious layout, budget prices and big servings make it a top choice for a pub meal.

The only criticism I hear is that well-fed customers don’t always relish a trek to a Wetherspoons loo which could mean a good few stairs and a lobby negotiation.

However, a trip to the toilets at the Wetherspoons in Grangemouth is well worth it, as the public house has been the recipient of ‘Loo of the Year’ many times.

In fact, the whole experience at the Earl of Zetland in Bo’ness Road really is a good one, with a warm welcome, confident friendly staff, and large and very satisfying helpings.

The pub, which stands on the site of the former Charing Cross and West Parish Church, has been running for five years.

In that time, the Earl has established a great reputation as a wholesome pub and eaterie, and the management pride themselves on the Earl’s safe and calm atmosphere.

The pleasant surroundings make it easy to enjoy the vast range of tasty food on offer, but it’s the club nights that are tremendously successful at the Earl of Zetland.

Tuesday’s steak club will usual mean more than 100 steaks being served in one night, while curry nights on a Thursdays are the hot favourite with 130 curries being plated up regularly.

And with a steak, chips, veg and drink coming in at a lean £6.75 and £5.75 for a curry, rice and naan, it’s not hard to see why they’re flying out the door.

But at this time of year, I couldn’t resist trying the Earl’s Christmas offering during my lunchtime visit.

A seasonal deal, which runs until December 23, includes either a roast turkey dinner, a vegetarian alternative, or salmon fillet served with a drink for £7.75.

I would like to say that eating a full roast dinner – a festive one at that – is not my typical mid-day meal.

My family never and will never serve or eat fowl on Christmas Day, and my calls for turkey and trimmings are usually deafened by Christmas crackers being pulled over topside.

So when premises manager Alan Fowler suggested I try a full turkey roast dinner as part of the Christmas special, there wasn’t much going to hold me back.

The plate was heavy with food and everything a Christmas dinner ought to have.

The thick slices of turkey came accompanied with six roast potatoes, a Yorkshire pudding, pigs in blankets, sage and cranberry stuffing balls, peas, sprouts and carrots, and sauce and gravy in their own small dishes.

And I happily ate the lot.

Whatever you’re in the mood for, it’s extremely likely you’ll get it – and enjoy it – at the Earl of Zetland, which serves a great pub meal that’s kind on your pocket.