Votes now open to elect favourite Laurel and Hardy film for Bo’ness Hippodrome

The general election is possibly the second most important thing Falkirk folk can make a decision on this December – especially when you can cast your vote on which Laurel and Hardy classic will be screened at Bo’ness Hippodrome’s HippFest 2020.

Unlike the general election there are no losers here because all five films – Wrong Again (1929), Big Business (1929), We Faw Down (1928), The Finishing Touch (1929) and Liberty (1929) – are guaranteed to tickle the old funny bone.

Voting opened on Monday and fans of Stan and Ollie only have until December 16 to get their choices in.

Alison Strauss, HippFest Director (Falkirk Community Trust) said: “Our Laurel and Hardy screenings during the Festival are a firm favourite, so in celebration of HippFest’s 10th year and in recognition of the universal love for ‘The Boys’, we are inviting our audiences to choose which title from the shortlist they would most like to see up on the big screen.

“All five of the films included in the poll show Stan and Ollie demonstrating their trade-mark genius for physical comedy and the perfection of the personas they developed as a pair.

“It’s going to be tough to choose just one but local people might be tempted to go for Big Business co-starring Falkirk’s very own star of the silent screen James Finlayson. “Whichever film wins the day, belly-laughs are guaranteed and we encourage everyone to get voting.”

To cast your all important vote in the name of democracy and hilarity you can visit the Hippodrome’s HippFest Facebook page at for more details.