‘Vikings’ star Georgia heads to Falkirk

Falkirk’s Callendar Park will today play host to a woman who can fairly be called “a battleaxe” without fear of contradiction - and a galaxy of other costumed characters.

Georgia Hirst, best known as Torvi in the gory TV series Vikings, will star at today’s first Scottish Living History Festival, a free event which celebrates the 75th anniversary of Archaeology Scotland.

The Festival will include re-enactment displays from the Antonine Guard and Galloway Longfhada Vikings, a Sons of Ragnar virtual reality experience, and an exhibition of props from The Outlaw King and Game of Thrones - including the opportunity to sit on the Iron Throne.

Georgia will take part in a Q & A session with Dr Stephen Harrison from the University of Glasgow, and there will be several other talks and workshops - for example on the Romans in Falkirk, History of Games of Thrones, Hollywood and Outlaw King.

Meanwhile Professor Dame Sue Black, forensic anthropologist and patron of Archaeology Scotland, will tell tales of murder and dismemberment from days of yore.

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    Lesley O’Hare, Culture and Libraries Manager for Falkirk Community Trust said: “ I hope visitors will take time to check out our exhibition ‘Gladiators : A cemetery of secrets’ with Roman skeletons and artefacts, in Callendar House, as well as join in the hands-on activities - help carve a Roman milestone, use a quern stone, make a wattle fence and much, much more.”

    The Festival will feature food stalls seling locally-sourced fare, and for an indoors refreshment option the Callendar House tearoom will also be open.