History comes alive at Falkirk’s Callendar House and Park

History was brought to life at a special event held in Callendar Park and House at the weekend.

Wednesday, 4th September 2019, 6:45 pm

Becoming Scotland celebrated the 75th anniversary of Archaelogy Scotland and offered visitors the chance to enjoy fun, facts, fiction and food.

Among the activities were re-enactment displays, an exhibition of props from The Outlaw King and Game of Thrones, a programme of talks and workshops and the chance to help carve a Roman milestone.

Georgia Hirst, who plays Torvi in the popular television series Vikings, also made an appearance.

Picture by Alan Murray.

Jordyn Patrick, Scottish Living History Festival project manager, said: “While the Scottish weather may have been against us at first, the first Scottish Living History Festival seems to have been received quite well by the public.

“With our wide range of activities, displays and talks there was an experience for all to enjoy.

“The Scottish Living History Festival brought together all our skills in outreach and engagement to make this a memorable day of history, heritage and archaeology.

“We were able to bring together experts, artisan crafters, passionate re-enactors of history and heritage educators who all encourage an interest in Scotland’s rich past in people of all ages.

“The attendance of Georgia Hirst, from the hit TV show Vikings, was definitely a highlight – so much fun having a celebrity visit Falkirk!”

Beverley Ballin-Smith, president, Archaeology Scotland board of trustees, said: “Everyone enjoyed the fair we held on Saturday in spite of the rain and the wind.

“Children dressed up as Roman soldiers, watched the Vikings fighting and the Romans marching to order. “There was something for everyone to take part in and those that attended enjoyed the experience immensely”