Dance for Maggie’s at the Kelpies on Summer Solstice

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A group which believes in the health-boosting power of communal singing and dance is staging a special Summer Solstice fundraiser at the Kelpies next month.

DanceSing aims to raise cash for Maggie’s Cancer Centres, while highlighting the work the centres carry out - and the resources they depend upon.

The free evening event on June 21 (6pm to 9pm) aims to involve as many people as possible in a session involving “singing, dancing, fun and friendship”.

A spokesperson - who stresses no experience is necessary - said: “You can join in our workshop and performance, or simply support us from the side.

“It’s set to be another great event and bigger and better than ever, so get your friends and join in for a spectacular evening”.

While there’s no charge to take part you have to reserve your place online at