Behind the Wall is showcase for local arts star Sharon

A Falkirk bar diner is “bringing art to the people” with a stunning display from local artist Sharon McGregor during the Falkirk Arts Festival.

By Roy Beers
Sunday, 22nd September 2019, 1:47 pm

It is the latest in a series of artistic ventures supported by Behind the Wall, and aims to show the broad scope of Sharon’s remarkable work to its best advantage.

Born in Falkirk and raised in Grangemouth, Sharon’s enthusiasm for art dates back to childhood, but really took off after she completed an HND at Forth Valley College eleven years ago.

Sharon likes to work with a wide range of mediums including oil and acrylic painting, graphite and charcoal sketching, pastel drawing, plasterwork, casting and carvings, pyrography, photography, printing, textiles and still life portraiture.

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Sharon as musician - one of the roles she enjoys most.

As a student she produced conceptual, multi-sensory pieces using combinations of light, smoke, scent, audio and sound combined with 2D and 3D pieces.

Her influences include, for example, the detailed anatomical draughtsmanship of Leonardo da Vinci and the stark use of light and form by artists as different as Rembrandt Van Rijn and Fransisco Goya.

Meanwhile she regularly sings and plays guitar at live music venues in and around Central Scotland - from Forth Valley to Tayside.

Commenting on her exhibition, which runs until Sunday coming (September 29), she said: “I love art in all its forms.

“When I’m not in the studio or dealing with mundanity, I am spending time with my children and friends, playing a guitar or dancing.

“Neither one is wholly exclusive. I am the mother of four unique individuals, all of whom are gifted with musicality and artistic ability and it’s a beautiful thing to share.

“Art has always gotten under my skin and empowered me. It allows me to communicate thoughts and feelings, and capture the essence of things I cannot verbalise.

“The reach that art has is astounding - from conveying concepts and prompting thoughts or inspiring hope in someone’s life – and it connects us like nothing else.”

Sharon particularly enjoys working with children and teenagers as part of her artistic practice and teaching programme, and her enthusiasm also stimulates the versatile talents of her four children, Josh (21), Jade (19), Daniel (18) and Sinead (10).

She is also a committed fundraiser, and has worked hard to raise money for causes including Macmillan Cancer Support, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, World Aid, Shelter, Cancer Research UK and various local Forth Valley charities.

In addition to art classes and private tutoring sessions, Sharon is also available for commissioned work, human portraiture, life-drawing, photography, murals and fine art painting (oil-based and acrylics).

There’s more about her work at