John can’t wait for his long drive to central Scotland

John Shuttleworth will be visiting Stirling's macrobert arts centre on Friday, March 29.
John Shuttleworth will be visiting Stirling's macrobert arts centre on Friday, March 29.

It’s the small things in life that often matter the most - and no one knows this more than comedian John Shuttleworth.

The Sheffield native, the star of a long-running series on BBC Radio 4, has become something of a light entertainment legend in the past three decades, thanks to his warm humour and ability to craft a fine pop song about everyday life.

Shuttleworth asks the questions that are worth answering; such as - is it acceptable to help yourself to the fruit bowl without asking?

You’ll have the chance to find out the answer to this, and many other domestic quandaries, when he visits Stirling’s macrobert arts centre on Friday, March 29.

Shuttleworth is the comic creation of Graham Fellows, who spoke to The Falkirk Herald about what it is that makes John tick, and why he’s looking forward to the extra long drive north to central Scotland.

“It’s all about the cosy and the familiar,” explained Graham, who, like John, hails from Sheffield.

“John has a quiet manner and slightly nerdish tendencies. The beauty of it is his lack of self-awareness.”

Graham (52) has a long record of creating characters that become much loved by the public.

He scored an unlikely chart hit in 1978 as Jilted John, who sang a song of the same name about losing his girlfriend to a man named Gordon - creating the catchphrase ‘Gordon is a moron’ in the process.

John Shuttleworth first entered the national consciousness in the late 1980s, when a series of his self-penned songs - with titles such as ‘Swimming with Sharon’ and ‘The Ghost of Giggleswick’ were released on casette.

This led to a long-running series, ‘The Shuttleworths’, being broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

But it’s performing live that Graham feels John really comes into his own, as he has the chance to interact with the audience.

“Although, what John most looks forward to, is receiving his petrol money for each show,” adds Graham.

John, being a polite chap, also prides himself as being a family-friendly entertainer.

Tickets, priced £15 for adults, can be bought by calling 01786 466666 or visiting