Geordie comic Gavin Wesbter will let his new show do the talking in Falkirk

Gavin will play Behind the Wall on July 27
Gavin will play Behind the Wall on July 27

Geordie comedian Gavin Webster is not a fan of stand-ups who indulge in attention-seeking PR campaigns.

He explains his stance in a new show, ‘A Controversial Title In Order To Sell Tickets’, which will premiere in Falkirk on Sunday, July 27.

“Everyone wants an angle, don’t they?” he said. “Shows don’t seem to be enough any more. You can’t just enjoy the performance.

“Some critics have said I was doing shocking titles just to get people in to my shows. So I thought this would put a lid on it.

“It’s done in a comedy way. It’s not an Oxford lecture.”

The 44-year-old is referring to his 2012 show, ‘Bill Hicks Wasn’t Very Good’, a thoughtful reflection on the late American comedian that Webster has great respect for – even if that point was missed by some.

“I wasn’t having a go at him,” he added. “I was talking about hero worship. But some people missed the esoteric side of it.”

Webster has become an
established name on the comedy circuit and has won a loyal following thanks to his often surreal humour and punchy one liners, delivered in a north-east accent that one critic described as adding “at least a couple of extra syllables” to the word joke.

He’s looking forward to returning to Behind the Wall as part of the 2014 Funny in Falkirk comedy festival.

“Falkirk is a good barometer, being between Glasgow and Edinburgh,” he said. “You get working people coming to shows. They seem to hide in Edinburgh when the Fringe is on.

“My dad was a Scotsman. I think Newcastle, Glasgow and Belfast all have a similar, quite dark, sense of humour. I can tap into that.”

Gavin Webster will play Behind the Wall in Melville Street on Sunday, July 27, as part of the fifth annual Funny in Falkirk festival - and The Falkirk Herald has one pair of tickets to give away to one lucky reader.

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