Falkirk to stage brave new play on the lives of Glasgow asylum seekers

'Some Other Mother' is at Falkirk Town Hall on Saturday, June 22
'Some Other Mother' is at Falkirk Town Hall on Saturday, June 22

A “fantastical” new play about the lives of Glasgow asylum seekers is heading for Falkirk next week.

‘Some Other Mother’ by AJ Taudevin is touring Scotland during Refugee Week, hitting the FTH stage on June 22.

The story is seen through the eyes of ten-year old Star as she and her mother await the outcome of their claim for asylum.

As Mama’s mind fragments under the pressure of their unknown future, Star constructs a world of her own to try and make sense of the situation.

AJ’s idea for the show began back in 2005 when her brother Robin came to Glasgow on a photojournalism project, documenting asylum seekers.

She moved to Glasgow in 2007 and began working in the same community, befriending asylum seekers and refugees, and the people who campaign for their rights.

Her experiences in setting up women’s groups as well as gatherings for single mums - both asyulm seekers and Scottish nationals - inspired the writing of the play.

AJ said: “It’s not a documentary telling one single person’s story.

“It’s inspired by the stories of hundreds of women I have met, by their hope and determination.”

“It is a fantastical interpretation of a very serious and depressing experience.

“We auditioned in Glasgow and London, and the woman we cast as “Mama” is actually native Yoruba (a Nigerian colony) which is the nationality of Mama in the show. “The part of Star is played by a girl in her 20s.

“We debated whether to have a child playing the part but we decided it was better with an adult because sometimes you forget that she’s just a 10-year-old and then something happens which reminds you she’s just a child.”

The production has a real community feel, with its soundtrack being created by women in Glasgow, both singing and talking.

The play will be accompanied by an exhibition of Robin’s photographs of the families in Glasgow’s Kingsway Court.

Some Other Mother is on at FTH on Saturday, June 22 at 7.30 p.m.

Tickets, priced £12 (£11 conc) are available from the Steeple Box Office on (01324) 506850.