Comedy fans invited to ‘School of Swearing’

Simon Donald is making a return to Funny in Falkirk
Simon Donald is making a return to Funny in Falkirk

Simon Donald promises to turn the air blue when he brings his brand new show to Falkirk next month - but he says it’s all in the name of research.

The Geordie comic will premiere his ‘School of Swearing’ at The Goose in Upper Newmarket Street on July 26.

It’s a humorous look at how our language is constantly evolving and how some words eventually end up being considered taboo.

“I’m referring to it as a journey to the four corners of the four-letter word,” he said.

“It’s a show for all the family - except grannie. And any young children. But if there are any dockers or troopers in your family, they’ll love it.

“It’s unashamedly silly. But I make some serious points about language and its intent. A lot of people are offended by certain words without considering the intent with which they are used. I think Scots, and people from the north-east, are a lot more understanding when it comes to profanities and how their meanings can subtly change.

“When researching the show, I found that often a word becomes a swear word when it descends down the class system. Something that was considered witty by the upper class becomes considered vulgar once it becomes regularly used by the working class.”

And if there’s one man that should know about swearing, it’s Simon. Along with his brother Chris, he was the founder and main contributor to the famous Viz magazine, which is well-known for its risque humour.

The 48-year-old stepped down from the day-to-day running of the magazine in 2003 and now works as a full-time stand-up comedian.

He’ll be returning to the Funny in Falkirk festival for the second year in succession, something he says he’s looking forward to.

“It’s a very well-run festival, with a great line-up. It always has some of my favourite comedians performing. I think it’s great people have the chance to see new shows while they are still raw, before they’re taken to the Edinburgh Fringe.

“I hadn’t been to Falkirk until I visited last year, but I had a great time. It’s a really friendly place.”

nTHE FALKIRK Herald has two pairs of tickets to give away to Simon’s ‘School of Swearing’ show at The Goose in Falkirk on July 26. To win, answer this question: which city is Simon from? Send your answer to Unit 4A, Gateway Business Park, Beancross Road, Grangemouth FK3 8WX.