Bridget heads into town with her donkey ...

Bridget Christie will be making her Funny in Falkirk debut
Bridget Christie will be making her Funny in Falkirk debut
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While some comedians never venture beyond wearing jeans and a t-shirt, Bridget Christie has trod the boards dressed as an ant, a donkey and King Charles II.

The 40-year-old has built a reputation for inventive and surreal live performances which regularly involve a costumed theme.

Her new show, ‘War Donkey’, is no exception. “Yes, I do spend the first eight minutes of the show dressed as a donkey,” she laughs.

But behind the costumes there are some serious issues which Christie addresses with her trademark good humour.

“I was in Edinburgh last year when I saw a picture in a newspaper of Colonel Gaddafi shaking his fist at a herd of donkeys,” she explains.

“Donkeys have always been used in warfare. They have an even temperament, meaning that they don’t scare easily and won’t bolt if there’s a sudden explosion. They also have brilliant memories.

“In this picture, Gaddafi was angry as Libyan rebels had used donkeys to ferry supplies to a city they had just captured. It was around the time that the film ‘War Horse’ was out. I thought: ‘why is no one talking about war donkeys?’”

Christie will be bringing her show to The Goose in Falkirk’s Upper Newmarket Street as part of this year’s Funny in Falkirk festival.

Aside from donkeys, the Bristolian will also talk about what she describes as the growing misogyny in society. “It’s an issue that’s come back unexpectedly. We were in quite a good place in the 1980s, but things got worse in the 1990s. The word feminism has become almost like a dirty word. People don’t talk about donkeys, just like they don’t about woman’s issues.

“I have a young daughter, and you do worry about the kind of world in which she’ll grow up.

“But political comedy has been springing up again in the past two years, which is a good thing. It’s good to tackle serious issues - but in a light-hearted way.”

Christie says that she’s looking forward to what will be her first visit to Falkirk, where she’ll preview her new show before taking it to the Edinburgh Fringe in August - her eighth consecutive appearance at the world’s biggest arts festival.

“From there, I go straight on tour,” she adds. “I finished writing the show this week - but I won’t feel any accomplishment until I get the chance to go out and perform it.”