Thanks Tom Stade

Tom Stade will perform during Funny in Falkirk on October 18
Tom Stade will perform during Funny in Falkirk on October 18

‘You’re welcome’ is the name of Tom Stade’s stand up show which he is bringing to Falkirk Town Hall this October.

But what we’re all supposed to be thanking him for is remaining a closely guarded secret.

The Canadian funny man said he’s not giving anything away as to what the audience can expect as it’s “the kiss of death” for comedians.

“Why would I give away the plot?” He said.

Speaking of his impending show, as part of Funny in Falkirk, he said comedy lovers should come in with an open mind.

He’s getting to grips with the Scottish psyche as he now lives with his family in Edinburgh.

He could even tell an anecdote about one fateful night on Buckfast with his ‘gal.’ Apparently the two woke up not knowing why there were divorce papers lying around after an evening spent sampling the local delicacy went a little haywire.

He said: “I love hanging around here. It was a series of accidents that lead to me being here.

“If someone had asked me when I was 16, where do you want to live? Scotland probably wasn’t top of my list but what a wonderful accident.

“I love the place. I think it’s one of those beautiful places to base yourself, especially in Edinburgh because you’re surrounded by wooded areas but you’re in the city.”

Aviemore was one of the first places he chose to visit on holiday and was eager to try out the slopes as a keen skier.

“I now know why there’s no Scottish ski team. It was such a tiny hill. When you come from the Rockies, it’s a 45 minute downhill ski but in Aviemore it was two minutes.

“It’s a school thing, we got taught to ski on Troll Mountain, it was mandatory in school.

“That’s how cool a place Canada was in the 80s.”

As much as he loves his homeland, he doesn’t get back as much as he would like. He said: “Vancouver is a long way to go, especially when you have two children. That’s why I love Scotland, you can go to all the little places but Vancouver, that’s a trek.”

He’s doing a few circuit gigs and will start his tour in January but plans to spend as much time with his wife and 14-year-old daughter who is a ballet dancer and loves living in Edinburgh.

Tom also makes regular appearances at The Stand comedy club and said he’s seen some of his favourite shows there. “I still go to amateur night. It’s fun, even when you suck at it. Watching someone come out and think they’re funny... some of the funniest shows I’ve seen are deaths.”

He also often does Live at the Apollo and The John Bishop Show, as well as charity events for causes that are “not something that’s really dear to my heart but not so far away.”

Tom Stade’s You’re Welcome is at Falkirk Town Hall on Sunday, October 18 at 8pm. Tickets are available at and are priced at £15.