Streetcar calls at Falkirk with iconic American masterpiece

Rapture Theatre bring the classic A Streetcar Named Desire to Falkirk
Rapture Theatre bring the classic A Streetcar Named Desire to Falkirk

It may be wet outside, but Rapture Theatre’s sizzling new production of the iconic American masterpiece A Streetcar Named Desire will transport a Falkirk audience to the sensual, sultry surroundings of New Orleans.

It tells the dramatic story of southern Belle Blanche DuBois, who seeks solace with her sister, Stella, after her world starts to crumble.

But her downward spiral brings her face-to- face with Stella’s husband – the sexy but brutal Stanley Kowalski.

As temperatures soar and passions rise, Blanche and Stanleybattle for Stella’s soul.

A Pulitzer-prize-winning play by Tennessee Williams, Streetcar was immortalised in film by Marlon Brando and Vivien Leigh.

This new production, featuring a cast of ten top-class performers and under Michael Emans’ direction, follows swiftly on his critical and popular success earlier this year with Rapture’s Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?

Director Michael Emans said, “I am thrilled to have assembled such an eclectic and highly talented cast to join me on the dark and disturbing journey into the passionate, whirlwind world of Streetcar.

“I hope that, together, we will create a powerful new perspective on one of the greatest masterpieces of theatre.”

“It’s a real treat for us to come to Falkirk,” he added.

“Rapture is full of Falkirk Bairns – artistic director Lyn McAndrew, board member Catherine Burns and assistant stage manager Riona Gilliland, whose granny, from Laurieston, bought the first ticket!

“It’s an exciting homecoming for them and we’re all thrilled to be playing on their home turf!”

Rapture Theatre is Scotland’s foremost professional touring theatre company.

“This very production will be performed in The Kings in Edinburgh and the Theatre Royal in Glasgow,” said Michael, “but Falkirk audiences will be able to see it on their own doorsteps!

“That’s what Rapture is all about – bringing great theatre out to people!”

Rapture Theatre Company performs A Streetcar Names Desire at Falkirk Town Hall, West Bridge Street, on September 20.

To buy tickets email bookings@falkirkcommunitytrust.orgor call 01324 506850.

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