Skerryvore prepare to rock Falkirk

Skerryvore will play Falkirk on October 11
Skerryvore will play Falkirk on October 11

It was after a resounding performance at the Royal National Mòd of 2008 that Falkirk really took Skerryvore to its heart.

The Scottish folk/Celtic rock band raised the roof when the town hosted the festival six years ago, and since then they have retained their reputation for being “absolutely brilliant live”.

Returning once again, the Skerryvore boys are back in Falkirk later this month, this time armed with a new album which the band say is their “best yet”.

‘Chasing the Sun’ is an energetic and reflective 13-tracker that the band have been desperate to showcase to their UK fans.

The release of the album coincided with the band’s six-week tour of the US which saw them perform at some of the biggest festivals in the mid-west.

Now they are enjoying being back on home ground, and will play Falkirk town hall as part of a UK and European tour.

Lead vocalist Alec Dalglish said: “The new album is very uplifting and has the feel-good factor.

“We think it has more of an equal mix of songs and instrumentals, rather than a lot of instrumentals that have appeared on our past albums.

“So there’s a really good balance, and we also hark back to the traditional Celtic rock sorts of tunes and hope that it’s an album the fans are looking for.

“We think it’s our best one yet.”

The fifth album from “the boy band of traditional Scottish music” ticks all the boxes.

It’s a young folk rock album with blistering instrumentals as well as beautifully performed songs including ‘Blown Away’ and ‘You Were My Friend’

Alec said: “The album is getting a good reaction from the fans, and they say that it features some of their favourites.

“We’re getting a good response online, too.

“In terms of critical acclaim, we’re not so concerned about that as it’s only one person’s opinion and some of the critics are just gunning for a group like us before we do anything.

“What we want to do is to try to please the public.”

During their time in America, Skerryvore also enjoyed a taste of home.

Alec said: “It’s in the mid-west where you find the Irish and Scottish communities, although the festivals we play are all Irish festivals whether they are Irish or not!

“The biggest one is the Milwaukee Irish Festival which we returned to this year and also the Dublin Irish Festival which is the second biggest.

“This year, it was the year of Scotland, so Dougie MacLean and the Chilli Pipers were there so it was great having some Scottish friends with us.

“The way it worked out this year, we had just finished the album and left to go to America so we didn’t get a chance to play it to the people we know better - the home crowd.”

And what about Skerryvore’s thoughts on returning to Falkirk?

Alec added: “For us, Falkirk is a really nice place to come to.

“It’s a local home crowd, and I know some of the band’s family go to the Falkirk gigs.

“Since we played at the MÒd when it was in Falkirk, Falkirk has really embraced us, and we have a great relationship.”

l Skerryvore will perform at Falkirk Town Hall on Saturday, October 11.

Doors open at 7 p.m. for an 8 p.m. start. Tickets, priced £15, are available from the box office on (01324) 506850.