Young readers put Falkirk author Ciccone in spotlight

Falkirk author Kirkland Ciccone
Falkirk author Kirkland Ciccone

A local author is celebrating after winning an award for his first novel.

Denny’s Kirkland Ciccone was recently named as the winner of the Catalyst Book Award for his debut work ‘Conjuring the Infinite’.

The award is voted for by thousands of high school pupils in North Lanarkshire.

And, for the young adult writer, it was an enormous honour which has given him extra confidence with his second book hitting the shelves later this year.

Kirkland said: “I was delighted.

“I got a call on what was just an ordinary day, I think I was making a sandwich at the time, and they told me I’d won.

“I was doing the truffle shuffle round the living room.

“I was up against some really tough competition, like Kevin Brooks who just won the Carnegie Book Award and is a brilliant, brilliant writer.

“It’s great to win the award especially as it was the readers who voted for me.

“I think my book tour helped a lot, and it was great to meet all the kids.”

Kirkland now can’t wait for Hallowe’en when his new book, ‘Endless Empress’, comes out.

“It’s amazing, and very exciting.

“This time last year, I didn’t have a clue if anyone would care about ‘Conjuring the Infinite’ or what to expect, and now I feel much more confident about this book.

“My publishers have been fantastic and pretty much allowed me to write exactly what I wanted to write.”

‘Endless Empress: A Mass Murderer’s Guide to Dictatorship in the Fictional Nation of Enkadar’ tells the tale of a group of misfit teenagers who decided to create a fantasy country to rule over.

But when things go wrong, it descends into a story of murder and mayhem.

Kirkland said: “It’s completely over the top and ridiculous, and I am so proud of it,

“It’s very much my style.

“I think that’s what I want from this book, for people to read and think, ‘Ciccone’.”

He added: “It’s been a really good year, but I would still say the best part has been meeting and talking to so many people.”