Will Ferrel offers up some ‘Elf’ help at Falkirk Cineworld

Will Ferrell stars in Elf at Falkirk Cineworld
Will Ferrell stars in Elf at Falkirk Cineworld

Falkirk Cineworld has picked up its snow shovel to dig out a modern day Christmas comedy classic.

Everyone loved the sight of strapping 6ft 3ins Will Ferrell in yellow tights and pointy shoes when ‘Elf’ first belched onto our multiplex screens back in 2003.

Now Cineworld will show this heart warming tale of adopted elf Buddy’s search for his real father, played by Godfather-esque Grinch James Caan, on Tuesday, December 23, and Christmas Eve.

The classic screening will give youngsters, who may not have been born on its first release, the rare chance to enjoy Ferrell’s good natured lunacy on the big screen as opposed to watching it on the telly and enduring ad breaks.

For those who caught it first time around this is an opportunity to relive moments like Buddy’s scuffle with a fake Santa, his enchanting and slightly creepy duet of ‘It’s Cold Outside’ with Zooey Deschanel in a women’s toilet, his “rift of the century” power burp after consuming a two litre bottle of fizzy juice and his innocent mistake believing ‘Game of Thrones’ star Peter Dinklage to be a fellow elf.

If you need a big injection of Christmas spirit then get along to Cineworld and watch ‘Elf’.

Visit www.cineworld.co.uk for more details.