Weird combine sound and vision once again

Falkirk rockers Weird Decibels continue to use the mighty medium of the music video to get their songs to as large an audience as possible.

The band, which will mark its 20th year together in 2015, are following up their debut video with another one for ‘Speak’, which features footage of Weird Decibels - Paul Smith (vocals), Stu McCairney (guitar), Greg McSorely (bass) and Derek Menmuir (drums) - kicking out the jams together live.

Weird Decibels.

Weird Decibels.

Paul said: “We were going for the throwback feel, to the 1990s grunge underground videos by the likes of the Nirvana. It’s us playing live in a practice room with the images following the beat of the music. It was easy to do quickly.”

The band’s first foray into music videos involved them driving around Falkirk filming locations which held personal significance for them.

Paul said: “A lot of bands are doing this now, recording their own videos and putting them up on You Tube. We did that with ‘Wonder’, then ‘Speak’ and we will be doing it for our next song ‘Joker’ too.”

Unfortunately the band’s live appearances have been put on hold for a couple of months because drummer Derek Menmuir succumbed to the Spinal Tap curse and pranged a bone vital to his kit manipulation.

Making the best of Derek’s bad break, Weird Decibels are heading off at the end of the month to a country 
cottage in Fife on another one of their “recording retreats”
 to lay down tracks for a 
follow-up album to ‘Weird Decibels 1’.

The band haven’t ruled out the possibility of filming one of their live sets in its entirety, to capture the sight and sound of Weird Decibels in full flow for all time. “I know a lot of bands in Glasgow who are doing that,” said Paul.

He also promised Weird Decibels would be one of the first bands in line to have an acoustic session filmed for The Falkirk Herald’s website in the newspaper’s fledgling new Web Sessions initiative to help promote local bands.

Visit for more on the lads or visit to see the ‘Speak’ video.