Twenty years of wonderful Weird rock for Falkirk band

Weird Decibels have been rocking together for 20 years
Weird Decibels have been rocking together for 20 years

Four Falkirk pals forged a musical bond back in 1995 and that rocking link remains unbroken 20 years on.

This month Weird Decibels, Paul Smith (vocals/guitar), Stu McCairney (guitar), Greg McSorley (bass) and Derek Menmuir (drums), are celebrating two decades, seven albums and a ton of live gigs together.

First jamming in Grangemouth when Blur and Oasis were all the rage, the lads created three songs that very night and never looked back.

Starting out as just plain Weird – the Decibels would be added in 2011 – the band were an instant hit with the rock crowd.

Stu said: “We packed out the Martell and we booked a studio to record our first songs, but I never thought we would be together for 20 years, let alone still producing our own albums.”

Greg said: “It never occurred to me we would ever not be a band.”

Things have changed over the years, but not the lads’ commitment to making music.

Paul said: “When we started there was the Martell, Pennies and the legendary Happening Club. These days it’s easier to get your music heard all over the world through social media, but we’re no closer to getting on the main stage at T-in-the-Park.”

In recent years the band has become known for their excellent music videos and for hiring lodges in remote locations to record their albums.

“We have our album ‘Weird Decibels 2’ to record down in Kelso,” said Paul. “Then we’d love to play a 20th anniversary show.

“We will do more videos for the new album over this next year and aim to tour the UK.”

Weird Decibels are powering on, but will the music ever end?

Paul said: “We want our music to evolve as we reach our 40s and I will always make music with these guys in some form or another.

“We’d like to thank all our friends and family who have supported us over the last two decades. Without them 
we would not 
have made it this far.”

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