Tipped for the top

There’s loads of emerging Scottish bands to listen out for in 2016, so here’s some we’ve tipped for the top this year ...

WHITE: An unexpected revelation, a party-starting fusion of LCD Soundsystem and fellow Glaswegians Franz Ferdinand and Simple Minds. ‘Future Pleasures’ was the unsung song of 2015 so expect to hear more of them in future.

THE SPOOK SCHOOL: ‘We try to play pop music,’ runs the slogan on the website of Edinburgh’s Spook School, although it’s tricky to just focus on that when singer Nye Todd is transgender and unafraid to explore issues around that in eloquent, unabashed and amusing style in the band’s lyrics. Rolling Stone have already featured them, as much for great pop music as the essential discussion.

GOLDEN TEACHER: What a band! If there’s one thing (okay, one of many) a proper music-loving student should do with their time in Glasgow, it’s see this enthrallingly wild sextet live. Their punk-disco beats have been released on Optimo Music, but somehow they don’t quite measure up to the full live experience.