Three for free from Media men

Falkirk trio The Media Whores have released a new EP.
Falkirk trio The Media Whores have released a new EP.
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Falkirk trio The Media Whores certainly know how to brighten up a dull day at the office.

Just when the festive season began to tighten its grip on Herald staff, a package arrived at our Manor Street outpost that saved us all from becoming comfortably numb with the humdrum heehaw of late December early January.

The plain brown envelope contained an EP CD which featured a trio of new tunes from the band and provided the perfect excuse to plug in the old earphones, shut out the world and listen to music which follows the sacred scriptures of Strummer-inspired rock ‘n’ roll and the true ethos of punk - before it got all green mohican and safety pin through the nose crazy.

The lads are in familiar territory with ‘I’m On’, which details a riotous rail travel-facilitated raiding party south of the border to the big smoke. The Whores have money in their pockets and plan to have a “magic time” down in London.

Just like the train to Euston Station, the track fairly bounces along, accompanied by the “Hiyay I’m on” chorus. ‘Zero Tolerance’ comes in at a similarly fast clip, giving all the seedy details of the relationship between the tolerator and the violator - the lads sing about being battered and bruised and “slipping in the shower” and the great refrain “We all want a little love/It’s what we all want but only few deserve”.

Walking the tightrope on ‘Burn Out Suns’, the Whores almost come down with a case of full blown jazz pop, but the slower pace and the easy listening middle section is counter balanced by killer lines like “All we wanted was sex/not proper sentences” and “All we wanted was skin/Not some tin foil sandwiches”.

Hopefully this is but a wee taster of things to come from The Media Whores, who have not released a long player since the excellent “Starfishing” a couple of years ago.