The Rez are ready to raise hell at King Tuts

Scott Wilson and John Allardyce of The Rez
Scott Wilson and John Allardyce of The Rez

Things looked bleak for popular Falkirk beat combo Albion when two of its members left to pursue careers away from rocking and rolling.

The five-piece band had built up quite a following with their catchy guitar-driven material, but it turned out not all the group were as committed to the cause as the core trio of John Allardyce (vocals/guitar), Grant Newton (bass) and Scott Wilson (drums/vocals).

John said: “We’d played together as Albion for two years, but then some of the band left to get jobs or move elsewhere.”

It turned out the mini exodus was a blessing in disguise, because now John, Grant and Scott have become a tighter unit.

“We’re all moving in the same direction now,” said John. “It was harder when we were a five-piece.”

Oh, and they also landed a slot at King Tuts in Glasgow on Monday, December 30, for their first ever gig under their new name The Rez.

“We played a few gigs as a trio under the Albion name,” said John. “But we sounded so different from the old band we knew we would have to change the name.”

Scott added: “Every time we came up with a name 10 other bands had it. That’s why social media is so good when it comes to picking a name.”

This fresh start has also brought some new material in the shape of three cracking tunes, ‘Louder’, ‘Kids’ and ‘Pembroke’, which they recorded in Glasgow and will be unveiling soon.

“We will have to play some old Albion tunes at King Tuts,” said Scott.

“But they sound totally different now,” added John.

That’s because the trio all share the same musical tastes, including The Jam, The Verve, The Smiths and Oasis, and are far more focused than the Albion line-up ever allowed them to be.

Scott said: “I’m enjoying playing in this band a lot more and we’re all putting in 110 per cent.”

The Rez will rock King Tuts from 8.30 p.m., sharing a bill with The Fable and Death By Ambition.

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