The method in ‘modness’ of sticking with The Jam tunes

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Bass playing legend Bruce Foxton is coming to Falkirk to play the songs of The Jam the way they should be played – with fire and skill.

While former bandmate Paul Weller steers an ever-changing course through the music business, Bruce is happy to rock through the goldmine of a back catalogue of one of the UK’s greatest ever bands.

From the Jam, which also features the Weller-esque guitar and vocals of Russell Hastings and drummer Mike Randon, bring their The Public Gets What the Public Wants tour to The Warehouse, Burnbank Road, on Friday, May 13.

The Jam, Bruce, Paul and Rick Buckler, exploded onto the punk scene in 1977 delivering a 100mph kick up the establishment’s bottom with their debut single In the City.

They would go on to enjoy 18 UK Top 40 singles and have their masterpiece All Mod Cons (1978) hailed as one of the best British albums ever recorded.

As you would imagine, From the Jam play all the hits that made The Jam so beloved by mods, punks and pop pickers alike, including Going Underground, Down in the Tube Station at Midnight, Town Called Malice and Eton Rifles.

However, Bruce will also be throwing in some of his own songs, including a few from his much-anticipated new album, Smash the Clock, which is released a week after the Warehouse gig.

The album, co-written by Russell, features guest appearances from Mr Weller himself, Doctor Feelgood guitarist Wilko Johnson and former Manfred Mann singer Paul Jones.

Although the album was recorded at Paul Weller’s own Black Barn studios and Bruce and Paul have been seen together at a recent exhibition of The Jam’s archives, diehard fans of the band should not expect a big reunion.

Thankfully the next best thing is still touring and coming to town next week.

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