The Kooshtie go get some video stardom

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The Kooshtie found themselves a drummer and a director to help put their ambitious “release 12 music videos in one year” plan into action.

Right up until December 31, 2013, the band had no permanent beatkeeper and had never played a live gig.

Image: by contributed. Kooshtie

Image: by contributed. Kooshtie

All that changed with the recruitment of stickman Kieran McNiven, who joined Oliver Kitchen (vocals/guitar), George Phelan (guitar) and Jen Innes (bass) for a Hogmanay rave up at Walkabout in Glasgow.

Oliver said: “Kieran came on board two weeks before Walkabout and he was fantastic. It was good to just get out and play in front of an audience and experience that energy.

“We want to do it more often.”

And they will, with Glasgow gigs coming up at The Garage on Saturday and Flat Zero One on February 22. Their home debut will take place at Behind the Wall on Thursday, March 27.

People can see the band in action well before that though thanks to the always inventive, some would say wonderfully weird, work of local director Simon Jake Gillespie, who created and filmed the video to accompany the band’s first single ‘Go-Get’er’.

Olvier said: “I just typed ‘music video Scotland’ into Google search and Simon’s site came up first. He came up with this idea to have us playing on the television - we filmed that part in BTW - and have this girl watching us in her flat.

“In the end we come out of the TV and start having a party in her flat.”

Anyone who has seen SJG’s imaginative films know this is par for the course for him and The Kooshtie are relying on his creative genius to kick in 11 more times in 2014. “We’re planning to release a song with a music video every month,” said Oliver. “We’ve got ourselves a good team to allow us to do this, with Darren recording the songs at Paul’s Halls in Cumbernauld and Simon making the videos.”

The video for ‘Go-Get’er’ will be available on The Falkirk Herald website shortly.

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