The Circus of Horrors returns to Falkirk Town Hall

Dr Haze and his gruesome gang return to Falkirk on February 16
Dr Haze and his gruesome gang return to Falkirk on February 16

The slickest and sickest show in the UK returns to Falkirk to amaze, disgust and thoroughly entertain its hardcore followers.

No strangers to Falkirk Town Hall, The Circus of Horrors will bring its awesomely potent cocktail of sleaze, spectacle and heavy rock accompaniment back to the venue on Sunday, February 16.

The theme of each circus changes on an annual basis and for 2014 Dr Haze and his demonic touring troupe have come up with a more diabolical show than ever.

Entitled ‘London After Midnight’, this sinister instalment is inspired and based on the legendary 1927 horror film of the same name.

As one of Dr Haze’s minions revealed: “The new sensation will take you on a whirlwind journey though plague-ridden London in 1665 and culminate during the great fire of 1666.

“The story will twist and turn as five murders are committed in various London landmarks, all intermingled with some of the greatest, most daring, bizarre and beautiful circus acts on earth.”

The Circus of Horrors has enjoyed underground success performing its own very distinct brand of “shock ‘n’ roll” for almost 20 years now and even popped its head over the mainstream parapet to star in the finals of Britain’s Got Talent a few years back.

Another Haze henchman stated: “Ever since it’s conception at the 1995 Glastonbury Festival, The Circus of Horrors has toured the world achieving cult status and dragging circus screaming and shouting into the 21st century and beyond.

“From sword swallowers to daredevil balancing acts, from ‘hairculian’ women hanging from their crowning glory to a demonic dwarf of a strong man, from a pickled person to astounding aerial acts, from twisted contortionists to mind blowing fire limbo all performed with tongue firmly in cheek by an almighty cast and the devilish driven rock n’ roll of Dr Haze and The Interceptors from Hell.”

The filth and the funnies start at 8 p.m. Audience members must be 14 and over.

Call (01324) 506850 or e-mail for tickets.