Susan looks to the positive for laughs

Susan Calman playing FTH
Susan Calman playing FTH

When comedian Susan Calman plays Falkirk Town Hall this month, she hopes to make people feel bettter about themselves.

Her show is a two-parter: the first half is a best-of from the Edinburgh Fringe work she’s performed since 2006, while the second half is her new show Lady Like.

“The first bit is really about getting to know me, so you have a better idea of who I actually am. It’s basically an introduction, so everyone hopefully relaxes and there are no surprises. It’ll be a nice relaxing 45 minutes, go away and have a drink, come back for the second half. It should be a proper night of good old-fashioned entertainment.”

The second half, Lady Like, is partly about her trying to enjoy the company and personality of one particular person: herself.

While it touches on dark moments from her distant and more recent past, a joyfulness runs through the show from a romantic gesture gone awry in Paris to trying to realise her dreams of being a ballerina and a hilarious TV escapade in Iceland with Phil Tufnell. For Calman, it’s about accentuating the positive.

“This show is saying you can learn to like yourself more. People can look at me and know that I’ve had a difficult time but I’m still here standing on stage. We all know as comedians how badly affected we can be by a bad review, but it’s all about positivity and I like to be positive.

“In terms of the more difficult stuff, you hold back a little bit; there’s a fine line between pity and laughter, and I don’t want people to feel sorry for me. There’s so much negativity around these days. People are keen to tell you in 140 characters just how much they think you’re rubbish. I think Twitter is an amazing, amazing thing but it can turn you on a pin, from happiness to despair. “

“Fundamentally, you want people to leave feeling better than they did when they came in; for me that’s the ultimate goal.

Susan Calman plays Falkirk Town Hall on Friday, March 20.

For tickets, priced £12.50 (£11), call the box office on (01324) 506850 or visit