Streams going with the flow

The Streams are building up a big following
The Streams are building up a big following

The Streams have moved on from practice sessions in their bass player’s garden shed to sold out gigs at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut.

Fans have been flooding into see The Streams in the last few months and the Denny/Bonnybridge trio have been creating even more demand for their songs by taking the novel step of withholding them from their Facebook site and being selective about their live appearances.

Singer and guitar slinger Shaun Duncan explained: “There is a lot of hype around our music and our upcoming EP because we don’t actually have any music on our Facebook site.

“People say they can’t wait to get their hands on the EP. We used to gig a lot more too, but now we play less and try to build up more hype to get a lot more people to come and see us when we do play.”

The band’s top tunes, which include earmarked EP numbers ‘Tasslefoot’, ‘Lemon Haze’, ‘Show Me The Forest’ and ‘Walls’, have become the stuff of local legend as they spread by word of mouth through their ever-growing fan base who enjoy short bursts of their material during The Streams’ live support slots.

Shaun and band mates Jamie Burns (bass/vocals) and Martin Comrie (drums) recently supported up and coming Manchester band 1975 at packed venues King Tuts and Electric Circus in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

It’s a far cry from The Streams’ humble beginnings, when two thirds of the band were literally “woodshedding” to learn their chops.

Shaun said: “I’ve played the guitar since I was a wee boy and I always wanted to be in a band. Jamie and I would sit in his shed playing White Stripes songs just for the practice. I don’t think we thought about playing in front of people at that point.

“We had two amps and I would show Jamie the notes on the bass. We also had a keyboard and we would use that as a drum machine to play along with.”

The lads knew they would have to pursue a human beatkeeper if they were ever going to make a go of the band.

Jamie said: “We had been looking for a drummer for a wee while and I asked Martin, who I’ve known since I was two, because I knew he had studied the drums at school. He hadn’t played for a while, but it worked out alright.”

It’s almost a year since the band played its first gig – a cracking night at The Tolbooth in Stirling.

“We didn’t really have a clue what we were doing,” Shaun admitted. “But we enjoyed it. We just scrapped all the covers after that gig because we got a better reaction with our original songs.

“We all like different stuff and all have individual influences. I usually write the songs and have an idea in my mind which I take to Jamie and Martin and they add their stuff to it.”

These days, the thrill of doing their thing in front of crowds of screaming music lovers still hits the lads like it did the very first time.

Shaun said: “We’re still nervous when we go on, but it’s a good buzz. Definitely a good feeling.”

They admire hip happening acts like We Were Promised Jetpacks, Fatherson, Xcerts and Twilight Sad and would ideally like to tour with these bands as support.

Martin said: “We try to only play with bands we would actually buy tickets to go and see. When we play with them, it’s great because we’re playing with bands we like and we get to see them for free.”

The Streams have been quiet of late, concentrating on creating their debut EP with music production supremo Mark at the Tolbooth, but promise they will be doing “something big” when the disc is released around April.

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