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John Murray
John Murray

Back in the pre-internet days there were several music weekly magazines.

All the tour news, charts, reviews, gossip, articles on the big names and advertising galore all wrapped in an inky tabloid that stained your hands with every read.

I was addicted, of course, and absorbed every word from Charles Shaar Murray, Danny Baker, Julie Burchill and Chris Hutchins, who I spoke to this very week.

Now known for his popular biographies of Princess Diana, Roman Abramovich and latterly Prince Harry his early days involved tracking the movements of the Fab Four. His book The Beatles – Messages from John, Paul, George and Ringo (Neville Ness House, £8.99), shares the untold stories from an insider who followed the boys on tour. Those days of Hamburg where it started, the long shifts, the drugs to stay awake and John Lennon’s friendship with the Beatle who never returned – Stuart Sutcliffe. He chose to remain in Hamburg and died in 1962.

What did follow was author Chris arranging the ‘Beatles meet Elvis’ evening at Presley’s home in Bel Air in August 1965, where they performed together privately – imagine what a TV show that would have been!

Chris was also around when Sid Bernstein Shea Stadium New York show, with an unheard of audience of 65,400.