Not a cinema screaming in sight

Falkirk Town Hall's 'Cinema for Tots' is a scream for Adam, April and Violet
Falkirk Town Hall's 'Cinema for Tots' is a scream for Adam, April and Violet
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Going to the cinema can be a very scary experience for a little one.

The dark auditorium, loud soundtrack and frightening characters can make a trip to the pictures daunting but an event at Falkirk Town Hall aims to introduce children to cinema gently.

Shorts for Wee Ones on Thursday, October 25, in partnership with the Discovery Film Festival, Scotland’s film festival for young audiences, is handpicked animation for very young children. The festival organisers have scoured the globe for short films that have a simple narrative and eye catching design and an activity workshop will allow the kids to take home a piece of art work inspired by the film.

Alison Strauss, arts development officer with Falkirk Community Trust thinks the afternoon event is the ideal way to give children their first cinematic experience.

She said: “I love family films by the big studios like Pixar but you forget how complex the stories are and they also have some parts that are quite frightening to little children. I took my kids to see ‘Brave’, which was a fab film but there was a very scary scene with bears and there were children in floods of tears that had to leave.

“Getting scared is part of the cinematic experience, going through the emotions and finding out everything is ok in the end, but for very little ones it can be too much and that is why Shorts for Wee Ones is so good.

“All the films selected have powerful messages but are simple and there is no danger or overly scary characters. They are also all very short, so kids don’t have the opportunity to lose concentration. The average film is 90 minutes long - just too much for many young children to sit still for.”

The film starts at 11 a.m. and there are art workshops before the showing at 10 a.m. or after at noon with artist Kitty Falzon. She will be using recycled materials to help participants get busy designing and creating their own art work to take away with them, inspired by the films they have seen.

Alison added: “The workshop adds an extra element to keep the kids captivated - we are really excited about the event. It’s going to be a great introduction to cinema for wee ones and the low ticket price makes it an affordable day out for the whole family.”

Tickets cost £2.25 for the film only or £3.25 for the film plus workshop and can be booked from the Steeple Box Office or by calling (01324) 506850.

The Shorts for Wee Ones programme will also screen at the Hippodrome on Saturday, November 10 without the workshop.