Music Foundry ready to turn up the heat in Falkirk

Bridgeman and Thomson rock BTW
Bridgeman and Thomson rock BTW

A new music project is looking to get creative fires burning and cast a solid foundation for gig goers and musicians to enjoy for years to come.

Based in Falkirk, the Music Foundry aims to kill two birds with one well-aimed organisational stone, setting up a working musical collective to employ the skills of young people and, at the same time, provide a much needed shot in the arm for a karaoke-led local music scene.

Joe Meade, Music Foundry co-ordinator, said: “We’re using music as the hook to engage young people. Our mission is to tackle youth unemployment and also kick start the local music scene. This solves two social problems in one go.

“It just needs people to have somewhere to play, learn and to teach - because a lot of musicians supplement their income by tutoring. We have been building up a stable of musicians that will allow us to hold workshops, masterclasses and live events.”

Run by social enterprise firm UJS 2020, the Music Foundry is currently looking for the perfect premises to base its operation and is building up to a big event at Falkirk Wheel to be held later in the year.

Former Krimson frontman Stephen Thomson, now a solo singer/songwriter, is one local musician involved with the project, swapping his electric guitar for an acoustic and playing at various Musical Foundry events.

Organisers have also been attending music events at local venues like North Star, the Auld Vic and 20 Rocks and have set up a showcase tomorrow (Friday) at Behind the Wall with bass player Carl Esprit Bridgeman headlining and support from local musicians.

Joe said: “Carl is a musical genius, a cross between Van Morrison and Prince, and we have a fantastic stable of artists like him who really want to engage the Falkirk community and get local musicians involved in this.”

The Musical Foundry fires things up at BTW from 8 p.m.

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