Muse play Falkirk ... cinema

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World famous pomp rockers Muse will be playing a “live” gig in Falkirk tonight.

Unfortunately fans of the band will not be seeing them in the flesh, but they will experience the next best thing with a concert film of their July performance at Rome’s Olympic Stadium screened at Falkirk Cineworld.

Filmed in ultra high-definition, it will probably be as close as some people get to actually seeing Muse.

A Muse minion said: “This is the first concert film ever to be presented in 4K, a format soon to be adopted by Hollywood as standard for all blockbuster films. This is the biggest tour Muse have ever done in terms of scale and production value and it’s definitely the show they are most proud of.

“It’s an entirely new Muse concert experience.”

Things get loud, proud and righteous from 8.30 p.m.