Mods make a return to the Town Hall

Musician David Bateman will perform as part of From The Jam.
Musician David Bateman will perform as part of From The Jam.

Falkirk Town Hall might look like a scene from Brighton beach in the 1960s as Mods from across the district descend there to re-live the iconic scene.

Two retro nights have been set up at the venue where scooters and trendy vintage clothing will be in abundance breathing in an air of halcyon days for those still into the music and Mod culture.

For those not familiar of the ways of this subculture, ‘Mod’ derives from the word modernist which was used to describe the movement of the rebellious youth when it began in the late 1950s and ‘60s.

There has been many Mod revivals over the years across the globe, but local Mods from the Falkirk Steeple Scooter Club are working to ensure the modernists remain as contemporary today as they were all those years ago.

One musician has found himself at the heart of the local revival. David Bateman, orginally from Denny but now living in Falkirk, is gearing up to support Bruce Foxton and From The Jam at a gig on April 4.

Bateman was playing a scooter rally in Aberfoyle last year when Charlie Brown from the Steeple club spotted him and got him the gig with Foxton and co.

The 22-year-old singer, who plays accoustic guitar, told The Falkirk Herald it’ll make his family very happy to see him on the Jam bill. He said: “This is exactly the scene I’ve always wanted to be part of.

“I was brought up with Mods and the music and everything else and people tell me I was born 30 years too late.

“My dad (David senior) was a Mod, and still is, and so were my uncles John (Clarke) and Colin (Kelly). They’ve all still got scooters. So have loads of my mates.

“There’s been hundreds of bands who have influenced me, but The Jam are one of the biggest along with The Who so playing with Bruce Foxton will be a major thrill for me, but I haven’t thought too much about it just yet.

“I’ll be playing loads of numbers from the 1960s and ‘70s era with some Bowie, Small Faces, The Specials and Madness mixed in. I won’t be doing any Jam numbers though.”

While he’s kept his sideburns, grown out of his appreciation for Noddy Holder’s ‘Slade’, his fashion sense has changed slightly since he became a dad five weeks ago to daughter Sadie.

He added: “I used to wear cravats and stuff, but I don’t really wear the clothes as much now after becoming a dad. I do have a nice pair of blue suede shoes for From The Jam gig though.”

Before that concert the upstairs Studio in the Town Hall will be rocking next Friday night (March 8) at the ‘My Generation Mod Club Night’, the result of a collaboration between Falkirk Steeple Scooter Club and Falkirk Community Trust’s arts centre.

The club’s Charlie Brown said: “Last August we screened the cult Mod film ‘Quadrophenia’ at the Town Hall and it was a huge success thanks to Allison Strauss, Julia Harkness and Astrid Shearer from the trust, who gave us the professional guidance to pull it off.

“We’re all keen to do more of these events because there’s a good target audience of ages from 18 to 65, something for everyone.

“Tomorrow night there will be music to suit all lovers of the scene with both ‘60s and revival mod, soul and Motown, with a bit of ska thrown in for good measure.”

DJs on the night will be Liam MacIntyre of Falkirk Steeple Funhouse with a special guest appearance from Retro Dave Anderson.

For more information or to book tickets for either event call The Steeple Box Office on (01324) 506850.