Leapark goes right to top of my tree

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The Leapark Hotel holds a special place in the Trimble family’s heart.

My mum and dad had their wedding reception there in 1968 - six years before they produced a son who could eat his weight in weekly shopping.

Forty years later and another Trimble couple returned to the Leapark, the butterball infant now a fully grown man with an ever expanding waistline and a wife who is more than willing to join his plate-clearing crusade.

The first thing that strikes you is how bright and airy the new look Treetops Lounge and Bar is.

On the night my wife and I showed up, the setting sun was actually shining through the multitude of Venetian blind-equipped windows and it bathed the nicely decorated eating deck in a hazy warm glow.

Also providing a warm welcome were the waiters and waitresses who quickly and efficiently ushered us to our table and handed us the menu.

The choice of food was amazing.

If a menu has more than 10 dishes on it, time seems to stand still as Mrs Trimble makes her selection. On this occasion she was uncharacteristically swift, however, and the food fest began in earnest.

I picked the soup of the day, tomato, and set to work. It was excellent, thick and dark and not at all like the bright red gloop I regularly eat from the can on my rare lunch breaks.

Jayne is Indiana Jones to my Norman Clegg of ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ when it comes to dining out and her adventurous nature saw her choose the Prawn Cleopatra in dill sauce and pastry, which she said was “out of this world”.

Our main courses arrived soon after. The service was swift and courteous - two things which sometimes don’t go together - and I was staring at my battered haddock and wondering which end of the crisp, golden fish I should start to demolish first.

A Trimble never likes to see the white of a plate until he or she has created it and the Treetops portions were generous, the chips wonderful and the sides splendid.

Jayne went all plain for a change and had the burger, which was so good it rendered her speechless. Believe me that doesn’t happen often.

We rounded off a perfect night with a tremendously tasty apple pie and some ice cream with chocolate sauce.

The Treetops has truly scaled new heights of culinary perfection and these Trimbles certainly won’t be waiting 40 years to return.

Leapark Hotel, Bo’ness Road, Grangemouth, (01324) 486733/www.leapark.com