Larbert singer’s debut single could put covers to bed

Dionne Hickey
Dionne Hickey

Dionne Hickey’s days of belting out classic tunes by other artists could be numbered as her own songs begin to take centre stage.

The former Larbert High School pupil has become such a success interpreting other people’s work she even had a BBC documentary film crew 
capturing her performances at various club gigs over the last few months.

Dionne’s vocals always come straight from her heart, but after recording her debut single ‘Free Falling’ now the lyrics do too.

“I started writing that song two years ago,” said the 19-year-old performer. “I had help from a friend on the guitar parts, but when I went into the studio to finally record it I changed it around completely, so it is really all my own work now.

“It’s got the same name, but it’s nothing to do with the Tom Petty song. I wrote it about my boyfriend at the time. He’s heard it and he loves it.”

Dionne hopes other people will love it too, including audiences who are more used to her running through a set list of popular hits from a diverse range of artists, everyone from Adele to Lionel Ritchie.

“I do my own version of Tracey Chapman’s ‘Fast Car’ that’s a bit different from the original, but this is my first original recording.”

Dionne recorded her first composition at Andy Haldane’s home studio in one five-hour session.

She said: “It took us a long time to get all the harmonies right but we did it in one day. We’re also working on recording a few more songs for my EP.

“It’s my first single and I just don’t know what to expect. It puts my name out there a bit as someone who writes their own songs.

“I will still be singing covers at my gigs though, but, depending on where I am, I may start to put originals in. There have been a few gigs in Falkirk where I know some of the audience and I’ll sing one of my own songs.”

Always busy, when Dionne’s not studying event management at Edinburgh’s Napier University she is either singing at venues and events throughout Central Scotland or turning into a real live Disney Princess for children’s parties.

Her calendar will be cleared later in the year though when she heads for Thailand to perform in the Gay Pride concert on World Aids Day.

“I was 12 the last time I was in Thailand, so I can’t wait to see it again.”

Before that Dionne’s fans can look forward to her starring in a BBC documentary about club and cabaret singers set for broadcast in the summer and, of course, the recorded fruits of her burgeoning songwriting talent.

You can catch Dionne live at La Banca, Vicar Street, Falkirk, tomorrow (Friday) night and at The Stables, Corrie Avenue, Stenhousemuir on Saturday.

People can download ‘Free Falling’ from itunes and visit for more information on the busy songstress.