Kyle’s style: car valet by day ... DJ at night

Kyle McLachlan is cleaning up as a car wash operator and a DJ
Kyle McLachlan is cleaning up as a car wash operator and a DJ

A young valet might help scrub cars during the day, but at nights and weekends he is really starting to clean up behind the decks.

Kyle McLachlan (18) is one of the operators at a car wash in Grangemouth, but he is also becoming a bit of an operator in the live entertainment industry, building up his own DJ business, Gemini Music.

Leaving Grangemouth High School three years ago, Kyle studied construction craft at Forth Valley College and learned all the tricks of the building trade - including brick laying and joinery and also earned his forklift operator licence.

He said: “I couldn’t find a job or get an apprenticeship anywhere. I suppose the trade was down at that point and there was just nothing going.”

Rather than wait for job opportunities to come up, Kyle decided to use his other skills to create his own - with a little help from his dad.

“My dad was having a New Year’s party and instead of paying a DJ he said I could do it and gave me money to get some equipment. That’s how it all started. I started doing youth clubs and parties and tried to grow a business.

“I was doing around five gigs a month and I quickly earned enough to pay my dad back.”

The scale of Gemini Music, the name of which Kyle came up with after watching a NASA documentary, is somewhat limited by Kyle’s current transport situation.

“The demand is there, but I just don’t have the storage - I can’t really get a lot of equipment into my Nissan Micra. I’m thinking about getting something bigger like a van.”

Not your average disc spinner, Kyle also relies on a secret weapon to help him stand out from the regular DJ crowd.

A talented singer, his vocal prowess earned him a place in the final 10 of The Falkirk Herald’s Voice competition in 2012, when he was just 15.

“I do some karaoke during my DJ sets so it helps to get people up singing if I have a go too. I think I would have to be offered a record deal before I would drop my DJ business though.”

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