Jack of Clubs deals in tunes and hard truths

Jack of Clubs
Jack of Clubs

A Bonnybridge musician has taken the bad hand his early life dealt him and turned it into a positive musical message.

Adair Murray, aka The Jack of Clubs, suffered a difficult time at the hands of bullies and homophobes when he was a teenager.

“Anyone who didn’t kick a ball about or get into fights or trouble at the weekend was a target,” he said.

Now based in Glasgow, the well-travelled singer/songwriter is releasing the album ‘Teenage Screams’ on Monday, May 5.

The path to becoming Jack of Clubs began when Adair left school at 16 and headed for the bright lights of London.

He said: “I knew I wasn’t going to survive if I stayed in Bonnybridge. They weren’t ready for someone like me yet. I had dreamed of London since I started High School and I decided that with or without my parents’ permission, I was going as soon as I could.

“So before the ink was even dry on my final exam paper, I was on a National Express bus bound for London Victoria. And stepping off that bus, that really was my Dorothy in Oz moment.

“I opened the door and there it was, my amazing sparkly new life in Technicolor. And I never looked back.”

A couple of years ago Adair started writing and performing under the stage name Jack of Clubs and found the things he had learned along the way could help others, if he could delve back into those painful memories.

“Jack was like my brave and loudmouthed little sidekick. In many ways, Jack was me at 16-years-old again, albeit a bit darker. I wanted to create an album that told my story and that’s exactly what ‘Teenage Screams’ is.

“I wanted to make honest little stories, to show fragments of my life so that maybe a teenager who is struggling with adversity can find some kind of comfort in the fact that someone else has been through it too.

“Some of the songs are happy, some are incredibly dark. But they are all honest and they are all little pieces of my heart.”

Visit www.jackofclubsmusic.com for more information.