It will be hunky dory for Falkirk band Kooshtie in 2014

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A new Falkirk band got it’s name from a Del Boy Trotter catchphrase and its sound from Eric Clapton’s psychedelic rock period.

Kooshtie was born when Oliver Kitchen said goodbye to his old muckers No Need For Idols and realised his cousin George Phelan, who he had known most of his life, actually played a mean guitar.

“There was a mutual disagreement with No Need For Idols,” said Oliver. “I’m still friends with the majority of the band who are still going strong.

“After that, George came round one day and we ended up jamming. I didn’t even know he played the guitar. From there we got Jen Innes on board playing bass.

“We got our name from a girl who was always saying everything was Kooshtie. It just stuck.”

Four months on and still waiting to dip their toes into the hot springs of public live music performance, Kooshtie and Mr Kitchen have been cooking up some original numbers like ‘Go Getter’ and hunting for a full-time drummer to join the fold.

Oliver said: “We would love to get a foot in the door locally and then start playing Stirling, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

“We want people to go on Facebook and give us a like. Everything’s online now when it comes to bands, it seems to be the only way you really get anywhere.

“We’ve been called funk rock blues band by the people who have heard us. Everytime we play for someone they tell us something different, but the one band that people often compare us to is The Cream.”

George said: “We have that 1960s retro sound, but it’s totally modern.”

Oliver added: “We’re taking something old and making it new and interesting for the younger generation.”

Which is exactly what young Clapton was doing with The Cream when he plugged Robert Johnson’s ‘Crossroads Blues’ into 100 watt Marshall stacks.

Small warm-up gigs aside, the Kooshtie’s epic live debut will occur in Walkabout in Glasgow two hours after 2013 gives way to 2014.

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