Grangemouth singer David works hard to perform and produce

Grangemouth performer David Johnston
Grangemouth performer David Johnston

A young performer is enjoying boy band success while pursuing a nice little sideline in the world of music production.

David Johnston (21) knew he wanted to perform in front of big crowds from an early age and now his dream is coming true as a member of hot new boy band 4th State.

The former Grangemouth High pupil is complementing this pop-tastic rollercoaster ride with some hands on experience of music production with an LA producer who has worked with Michael Jackson, Usher and Chris Brown.

David said: “It all started at Grangemouth High. The teachers were so encouraging and I started singing in shows and choirs, taking any chance I could to perform and learn.

“When I went to Belarus for the charity Buskit I saw the enjoyment on the faces of the children we were performing for and I knew this is what I wanted to do.”

After a short stint studying popular music at Edinburgh’s Stevenson College, David realised the best way to learn about music was to actually go out and play it.

He hit the pubs and clubs with fellow Grangemouth High pupil Kate Gillooly and the duo’s YouTube videos got noticed by John Ansdell, the man who discovered Scottish sensation Emeli Sande.

From there David hooked up with famous US producer Judd Mahoney.

“He really took me under his wing,” said David. “He’s the perfect person to learn about music production from.”

The pull of performing was still strong, however, so David auditioned for Glasgow-based Sugar Records’ new boy band 4th State.

The popular new act have already supported acts like Sam Callahan and are about to release their debut single ‘Do Ya’ on June 27.

“The songs have been written and produced for us,” said David. “I do play some guitar in the band, but it’s mainly just singing. I suppose I’m playing it safe, having the production side to fall back on, but the boy band stuff is great and has taken off so quickly.”

David and the 4th State lads perform in front of thousands at Edinburgh Pride on Saturday.