Glen Village singer goes solo

Connor Devlin is making a big impact as a solo act
Connor Devlin is making a big impact as a solo act

A young singer is taking the chance to shine and stepping out of the shadow of his band Sunset Stereo.

Connor Devlin (19), from Glen Village, has been the lead singer and guitarist with the Falkirk indie rockers for a few years now, but recently the apprentice mechanic has been lugging his old acoustic to pubs and clubs in an effort to build a solo vehicle for himself.

The former Braes High School pupil, now working at Vauxhall in Stirling, found himself at a loose end after his band mates left him alone with his musical musings.

He said: “The band had a break over the summer with the guys going away on holidays.

“I just wanted to keep making music so I decided to find places to play with just me and my guitar.”

Connor struck lucky with local venue Sportsters, in Princes Street.

“I played a couple of private functions and the manager at Sportsters just kept asking me back.

“There were also people at the gigs who would ask me for my number to play at their events and venues.

“Being in a band for two or three years really helped me when it came to performing alone. I never really suffer from nerves - I just get excited when I get to go out and play for other people.

“When I play with Sunset Stereo it’s 100 per cent original material, but when I play solo I perform a lot of covers, a few Sunset Stereo numbers and some of my own songs.”

As well as covering up-to-the-minute hip happening material from the likes of Prince Harry’s stuntman and singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran, Connor revealed that his take on Creedence Clearwater Revival classic ‘Proud Mary’ and Wheatus anthem ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ get a great response from the crowd.

“I enjoy playing with the band and playing on my own - with the band you have the drums and bass and all the guitars behind you, which is a bit louder than just me and my guitar.

“It’s just good to play for the passion of music more than anything really and also striving to get myself into the music business.”

Connor always namechecks Sunset Stereo at his solo gigs, but he keeps both of his musical incarnations at arm’s length - so we will never see the lone performer Connor Devlin as support act for Sunset Stereo and their frontman Connor Devlin or vice versa.

“I’ll always mention any upcoming gigs Sunset Stereo have,” said Connor. “But I keep both things separate.”

Sunset Stereo are riding high with their single ‘This is Our Weekend’ released on iTunes and working hard on their new EP.

Now well and truly bitten by the solo performance bug, Connor says he will continue to fit in at least two lone ranger gigs every month while creating sounds with fellow Sunsetters Andrew Malcolm (guitar/vocals), Ross McDonald (bass/guitar/keyboards) and Jamie McDonald (drums).