From London’s 02 to Falkirk Town Hall for a rising star

Yuanfan Yang in concert
Yuanfan Yang in concert

On Thursday, he was playingto a packed house in London’s O2’s arena ... the next night Yuanfan Yang was wowing an audience in Falkirk Town Hall.

The organisers of Classic Music Live! are thrilled to have secured a local concert by the young pianist before his career goes stratospheric, as they’re sure it will.

Yuanfan was at the huge O2 arena as part of the Brit Awards Big Music Project, where he took home the award for Best Classical Act.

And those who attended the concert by the teenager at Falkirk’s town hall on Friday were in no doubt that they were in the presence of an outstanding musical talent.

The young Edinburgh-born pianist presented a very varied programme from Bach to his own attractive compositions, said Richard Watson, who reviewed the night.

He described the young musician as “a great rising star who made me fall in love with music all over again.

“After the concert I had to visit A&E since my jaw had hit the ground so often!”

Richard added: “Lyrical Schubert, muscular Beethoven, playful Bartok and a selection of Chopin were all delivered with great technical ability and poetic sensitivity.

“After astonishing an appreciative audience, Yuanfan then pulled an ace out of his sleeve, playing Liszt’s fiendishly difficult La Campanella.

“I saw it, I heard it but I still don’t believe it; a performance of astounding virtuosity that brought the audience to its feet.”

“Really the review should have been shorter – WOW!”

Classic Music Live! Falkirk is now looking forward to its next event – ‘The Reluctant Soloist’, when Peter Wesley, with Scott Mitchell on piano, will give an introduction to the bassoon and contra bassoon.

Peter has entertained audiences across the country with his virtuoso and humorous lecture recital about the bassoon and contra bassoonplus, of course, playing some beautiful music by Elgar, Rachmaninov and others.

The concert is in the Faw Kirk on Friday, March 6 at 12 p.m. Admission at the door £5, students £2. See Classic Music Live! Falkirk’s Facebook page for more details.